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The was established March, 2008 has protected the development construction leading group take Gaoqiao Town party committee secretary as group leader's Street, gets down sets up the office. The Shanghai Gaoqiao traditional street construction management Limited company is insults the investment management center and Shanghai high by Shanghai is popular the high real estate Limited company joint contribution to set up, the company is founded July, 2008, is responsible for the Gaoqiao traditional street 's protection construction and management and operation business comprehensively.
Since was established, the company in line with “the protection restoration outstanding history construction, inherits the Gaoqiao traditional street history arrangement” the spirit, according to “protection history arrangement, attention improvement livelihood of the people, development traveling industry” the principle, adopts “arrives at the line from the spot, arrives at the surface from the line, advances gradually” the way, carries on the protection restoration to the Gaoqiao traditional street.
Some experts become the Shanghai history architectural complex analogy four vegetables, namely: Shanghai Bund's international construction exposition; A Dolonnur road Celebrity Street's old foreign-style house; Shanghai school construction's representative works Shi Kumen constructs; As well as China and the West combine and complement one another, the style diverse Gaoqiao history construction. Gaoqiao constructs is the historical construction which especially modern many China and the West combine and complement one another, has gathered the Gaoqiao history construction essence, becomes the Gaoqiao traditional street unique scenery line. We while to outstanding construction restoration, also the full display subjective initiative, unearths the Gaoqiao traditional street 's humanities inside story and the historical inside story, restores and makes a millennium south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River old town diligently the style.

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