Gaoqiao Town is located in the north of Pudong new direct, with 800 years of a long cultural history, the North adjoin the Yangtze River estuary, west of Huangpu River, the East and the Waigaoqiao Port Area, bonded-phase, connected to the town of South and Gaoqiao. This area including 38.73 square kilometers totally, the city areas has 6 square kilometers.
Gaoqiao Town of Shanghai, "a city of nine towns," the focus of the planned development of cities and towns, located in the Pudong New Areas "One River Bridge," supporting the development of the northern end zone, is planning major construction in Pudong New Area, one of the four towns Waigaoqiao an important part of the new towns.
At present, Gaoqiao Town is in accordance with "an exceptionally strong industry, multi-industry, simultaneously" economic development strategy to "district towns linkage" as an opportunity to accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading energy level, efforts to promote the peoples livelihood projects and major construction projects, continuing Street construction projects to promote the protection, and actively foster cultural and leisure tourist attractions, resources, and strive to use 3-5 years to build Gaoqiao Town typical features and characteristics in the Netherlands, but also a southern town charm, the ecological environment first-class collection of modern logistics, commerce, tourism, ecology, leisure, vacation, cities and towns to live a modern port city.
Gaoqiao Street character area is located north-east of Gaoqiao Town, the style was divided into the core protected area and building control. The core extent of protection area approximately is 9.44 hectares, accounting for style 25% of the total land area. The construction control area
approximately is 27.69 hectares, accounting for the appearance of 75% of the total lands area.
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