Gaoqiao Pancake 

Long ago, every household in town will do cake collapse. At that time the town lived two family named Shi and Huang, The one named Shi has a daughter and her appearance looks beautiful. Huang’s son is the same age as Shi’s daughter. They are childhood sweethearts. In order to get fame, Huang got away from home for exam.

Shi’s daughter was informed that started overnight makeing cake for him..she thinking of her boy while making cake, unconsciously,she lost in thought. The cake be kneaded again and again, roll the layer by layer,until the baking baked, they tastes  crisp,so called the cake layer-cake.

Later, the Qingpu Town decay slowly, layer-cake is also transmitted by the Qingpu Town Gaoqiao town. About the Guangxu twenty-six years (1900 years) before and after, there is a family named Zhao in Gaoqiao, and his wife made the cake, so called layers Pancake. Because it is a native product, and so called, the Gaoqiao Pancake.


Gaoqiao Empanada

Gaoqiao Empanada is also come from Qingpu town. At that time a farmhouse surnamed Li, had a only-girl, and 17-year-old was also not married. Because this girl and the son of Xu, the town who do business for living, innocence of childhood.

But to my surprise, snobbish parents refuse to marriage. Then they forced their son to go out to do business.

Two years later, his son came back his hometown with glory. The girl received the news, full of joy. Surprisingly, such as the arrival of her heart-breaking news, the man married another girl. The girl did not expect enthusiasm in exchange for a fickle, she put the face with the surface of the roll stick over and over again, has been rolling into the Alex son get married the day before baking into a thin and crisp bread baked, while the girls are faced with the Ebi, eat or drink for the departure of the earth. People know this story, Ebi regarded as a fickle, unfeeling thing, do not come to inviting guests give as gifts. However, crackers, and delicious the food is exquisite. With the demise of the Qingpu Town, and the passage of time, crackers, in the emerging Gaoqiao Town has become popular, deeply favored native Gaoqiao.


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