Gao qiao woolen Embroidery Exhibition Centre

With the root in Eurpoe,Woolen embroidery was introduced into Shanghai and then into Gaoqiao at the end of 19th.century. The handicraft took deep roots, blossomed and yielded solid results here in Gaoqiao due to the towns one thousand-year-old history which covered profound cultural essence and superb handicraft techniques.

In 1980s,Gaoqiao town became the biggest export base of woolen embroidery in China. The handicraft entities spread over 9 townlets and 1 town around Gaoqiao and extended influence on 6 circunjacent provinces.Dozens of embroiders took part in the industry.Gaoqiao became the bright center of woolen enbroidery, and her embroiders were granted with honor of meeting with leaders the country and attending the National Art and Craft Tepresentatives Congress.Some of their state-of-art products used to be exhibited in the Great Hall of People and some were given to heads of foreign states as presents,enjoying reputation here and abroad.

In order to protect as well as pass on the handicraft,the Govemment of Gaoqiao Town spent a big money in building this museum which is functioning in exhibiting,producing,selling,protecting and passing on woolen embroidery items with hope of reflourishing of the beautiful art flower

Open time: 9:00am-4:00pm ( Open evey day during this time)

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