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Pudong Gaoqiao town JieBang (now known as Gaoqiao-port) Diandang Bridge (today known as the Victory Bridge) north east side of bridge, there is a steel concrete house, the house was built in the 20th century, the early 30s, the main building is a reinforced concrete frame backing, and on the mask of a Chinese-style roof of the gray tiles. On the mountain wall of the corner they painted Western-style pattern. Glass doors and windows, and insert bolt fastening lattice are also Western-style. Out windows have burglar bars installed on the gate. A Western-style interior decoration used chandeliers. Shen’s yard has a thick lower revetment Larch wood piles, based on the upper ribs are rib reinforced concrete retaining wall of thick, very firm, after 70 years of water erosion can still stand rock-firm. Behind the living room 12 screen doors are decorated with exquisite carvings and artworks. All the windows and doors, stair handrails are in a purple-red Chinese-style varnish (called Guang-paint) painting, very solemn bright. The basement builds in the riverside, just three meters away from the river bank. Waterproofing treatment, however, very effective in, there is no leakage. The basement entrance is located in the closet under the stairs behind the cupboard is highly hidden. Doors and windows have been used in the Philippines lumbers fumigation will not be deformed. Staircases are made from teaks, sandalwood roofs are diameter of 25 cm of Larch. South on the second floor of residential and the bottom are spacious balcony along the river on both sides, there are also have two water ports. The building constructed by ShenJinfu, alias Zuochen, born in 1886, died 1933. His hometown is Gaoqiao town Xiaobang Road. Due to poverty, he had to go out when the 14-year-old apprentice, ShenJinfu has a strong pursuit of strong demand everything, precisely because of this persistent pursuit, before the war of liberation so that it can withstand bullets. He made every effort for this building, but did not really enjoy a day, it is regrettable.


Gaoqiao Yin’s Garden

Gaoqiao Yin’s Garden is a veritable garden of residential gardens. It was built in the 1920s; the owner is a famous Confucian Merchants of Gaoqiao – YinYuchun,also known as YinXing units, local people. Born in 1870, died 1944. The garden house designed by YinYuchun himself. XiLin North Street is Yin’s family houses, Pu River (commonly known as Xiaobang) flows in it, private wooden bridge over the river. Jiangdong is a garden, there are two man-made ponds, a big one and a small one. It is made up of the lotus pond from the circle pool and rockery, a pavilion, and green belts etc. The park architectural feature is Chinese and Western built three-story octagonal viewing platform, called "JinJiangTai.". It is built on a 4-meter tall stack which was constructed by the excavation of the mound Wu Tong, the top of nearly 10 meters from the ground. From rockery up to the second floor, there are more than 50 square meters. And then up to the third floor, there is a hexagonal stone table that a hole can be inserted mast in the middle of the table. In the garden, flowers are blooming, QingPu River flowing slowly by the gloriette, when you entered the garden, you might felt you were arrival the paradise, and made you relaxed and happy. YinYuchun is not only a master building industrialist, but also an enthusiastic in public welfare undertakings of local entrepreneurs. In 1928, YinYuchun wrote, "Moving Bridges And Roads Notes", the inscription placed iron bars Kiosk, side by side, "the former site of the ancient Gaoqiao", a stone; built another Shuangjing a named "security of public wells" for drinking water for nearby residents and fire purposes. In 1928 he purchased the land in the Town to build a new primary school. Poor students can attend school free of charge.

Ping-Kang is that he facilitated the organization of a local charity. It set up a smoking cessation and alcohol hall, counseling drug detoxification. He also set up fire fighting and so on, so the street still known as "charity Street." Puppet authorities want to use his fame to make him as Gaoqiao, "maintaining the Council" will be the head of positions. He said: "I am a Chinese, not to bring disgrace to the people of my country." Then he sternly refused. YinYuchun, which people truly patriotic gentleman is worth to admire.


Changelotzoning Cesidential

When you walk into Gaoqiao Town in Pudong, standing on the Old Town Center of Gaoqiao looked northward,along the river you can see an independent, tall, with a traditional-style houses. Its shape, color, layout, structure, and have unique styles. Appearance gray tiles powder wall, gives a dignified, elegant and tranquil beauty, fully reflect the unique style of houses in Pudong.

Mansions north and south sides are tall circular gable, higher than the roof. In order to avoid too high gable wall exceeded the roof eaves, gable to slowly drop the large round shape, which saves material, but also to gable and roof patchwork, full of beauty. With the general horse emblem-style residential walls are different, highlighting a display of the unique style of southern homes.

The upper and lower windows, eaves, railings and other patterns such as wood carvings are to be decorated. Master HuangWenqin is a local people, born in 1858. The house was built in the late Qing and early Republican periods, housing is completed, Huang Wenqin built a "Huang’s CiTang," in the north of the town, and also a two car into the side of the deep on both sides of the building, very elegant. Within planted with flowers and trees, two sweet-scented osmanthus trees and old flowers in mid-lovers, and for the local people are well known. Huang Wenqin died in 1943 at the age of 85. After the liberation, the ancestral hall to become cultural centers and libraries, Until 2003,the old town was been removed, the owner of the property remaining more than 300 square meters in urgent need of repair, to re-show the old house a new look.


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