Gaoqiao Woolen embroidery

Gaoqiao woolen embroidery,the Gaoqiao special product besides the muffin, pinches, the crisp fritter crisply, the handicrafts woolen embroidery is quite famous. The embroidery is China working womens traditional craftsmanship. In 1937, the boss of Shanghai Matheson to undergo repeatedly the comparison, thought that the Gaoqiao women were clever and deft, the embroidery was fine, therefore in the Gaoqiao Launch Woolen embroidery Reformatory, absorbed the local woman, free professor woolen embroidery technology. The going apprenticeship is continuous for a while. The woolen embroidery becomes the local woman practical training with the fundamental mode which and the way makes a living. In 1945, Zhang Xiu Tao, Zhang He Ming called the fathers and sons to entrust woolen embroidery business firm boss the launch “The crane calls the lace embroidery craft society”, was responsible for the woolen embroidery product receiving and dispatching and shipping. After new China was established, took the craft society as the foundation, established Gaoqiao to embroider the cooperative society. In 1965 changed the name as the Gaoqiao Embroidery Factory, latter changed name as the Shanghai East Woolen embroidery Factory. The Gaoqiao woolen embroidery product sells more than 40 countries and areas, some also take the country ritual to bestow the foreign state head.




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